Sunday, May 09, 2021

Ah May

May is here, half way through, and my head finally is clearing from the juniper pollen. Unfortunately the winds around here have been brutal so it’s nearly impossible to sit out and enjoy the new portal. Soon. Lets hope.

A new series of paintings on cactus has been started. One beginning, which I’ll work on today, of a prickly pear, and a second one is about to get started. A cholla. They will be contemporary, abstract, sparse, I hope. I never know. 

It’s definitely fun being at the easel after a rather long hiatus. And pretty soon we shall be walking Canyon Road again, visiting galleries, chatting with the owners. Not yet though. The covid year did me in and being around too many folks is uncomfortable.

Meanwhile there was a dead mouse out back, without it’s head, which was over near a planted pot. Olle, the corgi, did not get it, thank goodness. I wish I knew where they came from and who’s taking off the heads. This is not the first headless mouse.

I wish you all a happy May. Stay safe, get vaccinated, enjoy life.


Tuesday, April 06, 2021

April 2021

Here we are. April 6. Having watched April Fools Day zip by, and Passover, and Easter. And today? End of the Virus Journey. Have received both of my Moderna vaccines, one in Amarillo and one in Alamosa CO, and still we have not been notified by our own state that there are vaccines for us. Today ends the two week cushion as the vaccine ferments in our bodies, assuring us of a shield against the Great Scourge. And guess what? We are eating out tonight!!! First time in over a year! Hallelujah!

March was a good month, I sold 4 important paintings, and thus met two wonderful people and their friend. Now we await our gas grill (have been using a charcoal grill for 20 years which we will continue to use), so we can entertain more easily at the Grand Opening of our fabulous portal. Perhaps it’s an increase in light as the days trend longer, or the end of quarantine, or my paintings being acknowledged, but life feels just right at the moment. 

One bit of sad news was the horse I had made for a friend with Frida decoration is coming back. The tail broke in transit, which is a VERY easy repair, but was no longer wanted. Thus. It is up for sale at a discount.

This is Daisy. If interested email me at for new price info. She was $400.

That’s about all I can think of to say. I’ve been building more hummingbird ornaments and hummingbirds on a stick to poke in a pot but they are in the early stages. Have a desire to paint and will soon. After the big sale my painter’s block ended and I’m raring to go. Unfortunately pollen and allergies are preventing me from doing anything other than read and lounge and clean up the garden which is mindless.

Wishing you a Happy Spring!
🌺 Carol 

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Spring 2021

Well. It’s almost spring! And it’s been a long, cold, spring not to mention a very isolated 2020-21. So far. Yet our friends and neighbors are gradually being vaccinated, hopefully in a few weeks there will be enough of us to get together and socialize! Wow. What a concept! Who would have thought that our country, and world, would be going through such dire times. And yet. We have, and have managed to end up on the other side...of what? Time will tell.

Meanwhile another papier-mâché landscape has been finished...Tangle with Gila Monster. I have plans for one more, a fifth one, and then I can do a bit of painting.

We have been squirreling away furniture and lamps and table settings for the new outdoor area. Today it looks like we can build the chest and coffee table. It’s finally warm enough! Then? We can sit out there and enjoy life with our puppy, Olle. Watch the sunset. Sip a cocktail. Oooooo I can’t wait! 

And here is Olle. The kindest dog in the entire universe. We are so lucky to have him!

The past couple of weeks, and this is not the first time, I’ve been wondering why I do what I do...paint, sculpt, draw...and there is no answer. More and more thoughts creep in and demand why? What is it accomplishing? Is there even an audience? It all seems so more piece, finished, and taken out and stored in the garage...what is the point? I wish there was an answer. In the meantime I will continue to create and daydream and look for a place to exhibit.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

OMG! It’s Valentine’s Day in just over a week! How in the world did that happen? Well. If you have NOT yet gotten your Sweetie something, please consider a Hummingbird. And guess what? I have them on my website, or in my Etsy Shop, PicaFlorEtc. Here’s Marisol, with a heart! From the Frida Collection of hummingbird ornaments I started during the holidays. You will also find golden hummingbirds, and rufous and black chin and broad tail varieties, along with two different sets of notecards. Please take a look.

So festive! So perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The Tangle Project is coming along. I now have three completed pieces, and one in the works with a GILA MONSTER! Pretty cool! Here is Tangle with Rattlesnake.

THEN there’s a whole new series of paintings rattling about in my head. Sort of a Milton Avery meets Nicolas de Stael. Here’s one I’ve been playing around with, on paper. Don’t want to waste good surfaces!

The new series is a simplification of shapes and colors involving landscapes of the Southwest. We’ll see. Just having fun for now while I obsess over the Tangles.

So there you have it! My February endeavors. 

Hope you all stay safe and healthy. This scourge does seem to have an end...eventually.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Open Window

A clean, fresh, breeze is blowing through my head again, since Wednesday, now that our country has been returned. Might we all work together and solve our enormous problems? Wouldn’t that be nice. With those dire problems being Covid, Climate Change, Immigration, that stupid wall, fair taxation, education, infrastructure. I’m sure there are some things left out, but these are just off the top of my head.

Meanwhile, in celebration, I continue on with my papier-mache landscapes. A third one is half way finished and an acrylic box is coming soon to put over the last one. For protection from dust and puppy dogs. 

These are the pieces that will soon all be attached to that little round ‘thing’ in the foreground. Still have to finish painting, then drawing and carving on each piece. 

Oil paint is starting to creep into my brain and I have an idea I’ll be working on in the next few weeks. Hopefully it’ll be a good one! We’ll see! I did just buy an enormous amount of oil paint and realized I might should use it. Of course. I will continue on with these landscapes, they are so enjoyable.

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

And here we are. 2021. It took a long time to get here and after the devastation of 2020 lets hope it’s a powerful year of creativity, health, innovation, and respect for our environment. The very things missing from 2020. At least where our government was concerned. Well. There were so many things missing from the old regime it’s hard to start listing them. But. You know.

Have to say, being an introvert, I’ve been happily sequestered in my studio these past 10 months with my puppy, Olle, and my artwork. I’ve managed to complete a series of paintings for my show at Hat Ranch Gallery if things ever open again. The illustrations for my husband, Sandy’s, book are finished. That took about 5 years to do. And then there was the Frida Hummingbird Collection. They did well for the holidays, below. I am eager to start new ones come spring. 

And then there was the prototype for the horse collection I’ll get busy on for next winter.

And then here is the box of new pieces for my next papier-mache landscape:

I’m keeping busy! Oh. And here’s Olle. 11 months old and 35 pounds! Now that’s a big boy!

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Thursday, November 26, 2020


I’m in the kitchen waiting for the goose to cook. One more hour? Maybe! Meanwhile am boiling the stock, have made the blueberry pie, and will do the mashed potatoes when the goose is done. Even though the dinner will only include my husband, my dog, and me, it will still be special. The good things? No housecleaning for company, no over eating, not many dishes. Perfect! We’ll reconnoiter in the summer with friends and do all of the holidays we missed together!

Not being crazy busy has also allowed me to work on my hummingbird ornaments and papier-mache landscape. And troubleshoot computer problems rearing their ugly heads all week. Of course it’s when we do our catalog for Labyrinth, and there’s a holiday. It never fails. But we’re back on track and will have the first pass ready on Monday. 

Don’t forgot Artist Sunday this Sunday. A chance to peruse a plethora of artists’ sites for holiday gifts. My site is Please check it out! There will be hummingbird ornaments, notecards based on my hummingbird paintings and Alexander Godard diorama paintings. Books. Paintings!